Fun. Informative. Delicious. I attended this experience (it’s much more of an experience than a class) with my cousin and can’t express enough how much we enjoyed it. The instructors, who are competition winners, are engaging and incredibly well-informed. I was surprised at how they were able to break down a process that seems very complex into simple steps with an undeniably excellent finished product. By the way, you eat what you prepare under the direction of the instructors. The tips they offer throughout the course can’t be found elsewhere. This is a great experience for newcomers to BBQ (such as myself) to even the more experienced folks (there were competition folks in the class room who also thoroughly enjoyed the experience). Don’t bother looking anywhere else - you will be amazed at what you learn and the enjoyment you’ll get.
— Andrew W. - September 23, 2018
I just wanted to follow up and say what a great time Spencer and I had on Saturday. It was a great father and son trip and we really learned a lot. It was great having the hands on experience and the other attendees were really nice people to meet and share the class with. This is a must for beginners and enthusiasts alike!! I’d be glad to give any of a recommendation to anyone interested in attending the Que!! Keep in mind we came from Massachusetts specifically for this class so even with all the added costs of travel and lodging, it was totally worth it (plus you can’t put a price on the father/son experience).
— Robert C. from North Andover, MA
Southern Thunder BBQ school was the best BBQ class/training I have attended. What makes this experience so much better is it is all hands on, first hand experience and it includes every aspect of BBQ cooking, making your own sauce, rub, injections, wood choice, type of grills/smokers, which tools to use and the list goes on and on. I recommend bringing 3-4 buddies w/you and don’t forget your cold libations (bring your own cooler w/fav beers, cocktails). Prepare to learn.
— Tom T. from Smyrna, GA
We had an amazing time, learned a ton about BBQ, made friends and had a lot of fun doing it. It was extremely informative, the chefs were great and imparted those little tips and tricks that only come with years of experience and aren’t in any book. Plenty of one on one teaching as well. Highly Recommend taking the course!!!
— Torry S. - September 23, 2018
Hope you are doing well. Just writing with a testimonial for the folks at Southern Thunder/Que University. Be sure to share with Rick and the rest of the crew.
I went to a party at a friend’s house on Saturday. My friend is a big BBQ guy, and he competes in the amateur division at some local BBQ competitions. He was smoking a pork butt, and I offered to bring some BBQ chicken as my contribution to the spread. I smoked the chicken Spatchcock style on my Big Green Egg, using the recipes and methods I learned at Que University. It was a HUGE hit. My BBQ cooking friend was hitting me up for tips on how I prepared it. The guests loved it. The best was when I heard a guest whom I had never met go up to the host and ask for the name of the restaurant where he got the chicken, because she HAD to go there with her husband. It was extremely cool to hear the host point me out as the cook.
My friends have already volunteered me to cook BBQ for upcoming neighborhood socials. If you get an influx of new students from my neighborhood, you’ll know why.
It was very cool to be able to cook something that everybody enjoyed, and I am glad to have been able to put the skills I learned at Que University to good use. Keep up the good work.
— Austin G. Marietta, GA
The manual has pictures and very detailed steps. I needed that. I took that what I learned and made FANTASTIC ribs the very first time because I learned what I was looking for at the store, how to prep the ribs and smoke them and how to finish them. Slap my momma they were so good..
— Terry W. from Marietta, GA
This was such a good class, the guys really know their stuff. The hands-on application of trimming, injecting, and rubbing the different types of meats during the class helps your comfort level when you go home and try it on your own. With the knowledge gained from this class, you’re sure to serve up some good ‘que to your friends and family!
— Michael D. from Atlanta, GA
Very knowledgeable instructors. I enjoyed hearing all the anecdotes and stories and tidbits of experience. The food was exceptional! I liked that we learned and talked about many different cuts and type of meat. Clearly, it was a lot of work, but it made the learning experience excellent! I can’t wait to start experimenting with all the new knowledge. Enjoyed myself tremendously and it was worth every penny. Can’t wait to see you in a competition.
— Jessica C. from Baltimore, MD