What You’ll Learn

  • Award-winning techniques for barbecuing
    • brisket with au jus
    • competition style ribs
    • sweet and juicy pulled pork
    • tender, applewood smoked chicken
    • elegant spatchcock chicken
    • fancy pork loin
    • and things we feel like cooking
  • Recipes and methods for
    • sauces
    • rubs
    • brines
    • marinades 
    • injections
  • Tools, food safety, pit control
  • Gourmet BBQ sides & desserts
  • And a whole lot more!




7:30am: Sign in and BREAKFAST

Ancient Smoker Lighting Ceremony

Morning Lessons with hands-on instruction

  • Bone-in pork shoulder trimming, injecting, and rubs; into the smoker for supper
  • Packer-cut brisket trimming, injecting, and rubs; into the smoker for supper
  • Trim and rub smoked wings & drumsticks; into the smoker for lunch
  • Trim, inject fancy pork loin; into the smoker for lunch
  • Trim and rub spare ribs, into the smoker for supper
  • Review theory, construction and control of different types of pit
  • Review recommended tools of the trade, knives and knife sharpening

·         12:30 LUNCH

Afternoon Lessons with hands-on instruction

  • Whole & Spatchcock chicken trimming, injecting; into smoker for supper
  • Foil brisket, pork buts, and ribs
  • Review basics of food safety, holding and rewarming food
  • Prepare brisket “burnt ends” for supper
  • Review theory of bringing, techniques, brine recipes
  • Review theory of injections,  recipes  
  • Review theory of rubs, recipes
  • Review theory of BBQ sauces, recipes
  • Question/Answers and tall tales
  • Pull pork and chicken for supper
  • Prepare brisket au jus and slices for supper

6:00 pm: Dinner for students and their guest


You just gotta taste this BBQ yourself!



What You’ll Get

  • All-day, hands-on course taught by Grand Champion BBQ Chefs
  • Breakfast, lunch, and banquet dinner for you and and your guest.
  • Student Manual with step-by-step instructions
  • 'Queu University apron
  • On-Going support and access to our instructors when you get home
  • Memories and friends for year to come


What to Bring

We will provide all the food and equipment necessary, including a variety of home-use smokers that are probably similar to what you have in your backyard. If you’re in love with your own personal smoker from home, and you want to bring it here, that’ll be fine.  

What to Wear

We’re going to be mixing and basting and chopping and cooking and smoking up a storm. If you’re doin’ it right, you’re probably going to get dirty and smoky—leave your prom dress and/or tuxedo at home. Also, make sure you’re wearing closed-toed, nonslip shoes so you don’t get sauce between your toes (not that there’s anything wrong with that).